Facebook Boosted Posts vs Facebook Ads

Facebook post - Facebook Boosted Posts vs Facebook Ads


Promoting your business on Facebook is a key component to nearly every Digital Marketing Strategy in 2018. If you have ever tried to advertise on Facebook, you’ll know that there are two main options to choose from – Boosted Posts or Facebook Ads.

In this article, I will describe what they involve, the ease of use, the best option regarding your marketing objectives and the positive and negative aspects of both Facebook Boosted Posts and Facebook Ads.


Boosted Posts


If you have a Facebook Business Page you may have seen a ‘Boost Post’ button appear just below a recently uploaded post. It is a simplified version of the Facebook Ads Manager and is a quick way to get people to view your content. The benefit to this is, of course, it is much easier to use and takes no time at all to get it running.


You get the options of picking a target audience, a total budget, and the duration you would like it to run for. You should get more engagement on your post (likes, comments and shares) from people that don’t already follow you, which is great, right?


Well, as an ‘easy to use’ option, I would say it is ‘easy’ for a reason. It may attract people that may be interested in your Facebook post (may is not good enough when it comes to creating long-term relationships with potential customers). You will be spending money that could be spent on other aspects of your marketing strategy that have better opportunities of getting more ROI (Return on Investment).


boost post - Facebook Boosted Posts vs Facebook Ads


Facebook Ads

If you have tried to run a Facebook Ad recently, you may have seen how they have changed the Facebook Ads Manager so there are so many options and as a small business owner, you may not have a scooby-doo what it all means (which is completely understandable).


This is the downside to trying to run Ads without understanding the new-improved system, one-click wrong and you’ve got it on every platform available (of which some are just seriously not going to work – it is dependent on your target demographic) or you are bidding far too high for CPC (Cost-per-Click) and your budget flies out the window with very little leads or conversions.


The positive attributes to Facebook Ads are that there are very many options regarding objectives, and if you have a clear objective in mind, you can get so specific that you could attract your perfect customer for very little Cost-Per-Result. That one perfect customer could turn into a loyal, repeat customer and then they will tell all their ‘like-minded’ friends about your business.


placements - Facebook Boosted Posts vs Facebook Ads


Can you see the difference? For the ease of use, boosting posts is great for a one-off solution for a singular post to increase engagement, whereas running Facebook Ads is more about the long-term objectives or goals for your business.


With the experience over the years of working with Facebook Ads I would recommend using this over boosting a post, however, if you just want a post to be seen and aren’t too worried about getting long-term customers then this is when you should boost a post.


Facebook Ads has evolved tremendously and the options are endless to how you can advertise your business. Re-targeting users that have already visited your website is a popular Facebook Ads marketing strategy and can help nudge users into making that final purchasing decision.




Boosted posts are not to be frowned upon, they can be great when you want to maximise the visibility and engagement on a single post. They are best used, for example, when you have a new product or service launching and want to create some brand awareness for your business.


Most of the time though, Facebook Ads are definitely the way to go, as you get so many options to choose from that are key to meeting your marketing objectives and they can achieve excellent results.


Thanks for reading!
Sam Horlock

Source: www.facebook.com


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